Sesión VIII. Dra. Mar O´Callahan.

PARALLEL SESSION 1A: New Therapies in Lysosomal Disorders. SIMPOSIO ORCHARD THERAPEUTICS: Reaching new hights in ex vivo gene therapy – therapeutic advances for early onset MLD patients. SIMPOSIO BIOMARIN: Improving the diagnostic pathway in...

Sesión VII. Dra. Amaya Belanger.

SIMPOSIO BIOMARIN: Creating waves with PALYNZIQ® (pegvaliase): Three years of experience in Europe. PARALLAEL SESSION 2B: New Perspectives in Phenylketouria. PARALLEL SESSION 3B: Aminio Acid.

Sesión VI. Dra. Angels García-Cazorla.

PARALLEL SESION 1B: Organic Acidurias. SIMPOSIO PTC BIO: Transformative science in action: Gene therapy for AADC deficiency. PARALLEL SESSION 3C: Mitochondrial Disorders. PARALLEL SESSION 4A: GENE AND INNOVATIVE THERAPIES.

Sesión V. Dra. Mireia del Toro.

SIMPOSIO CHIESI: What matters most? Improving care in Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs). PARALLEL SESSION 4C: Neurometabolic disorders. PARALLEL SESSION 1D: Novel Disease Insights.