Erndim workshop


ERNDIM Workshop 2023 will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, on Tuesday 29th August. Information about the event and a link to the ERNDIM event page here:


If you plan to attend the ERNDIM Workshop in person but will not be registering to attend the SSIEM symposium we will need to provide you with a letter of invitation and include your name on an invitation list for the SSIEM Symposium organiser to ensure you can access the meeting. If you do require a letter of invitation please use the link below to complete a short online form by Wednesday 16th August and we will provide you with a letter of invitation prior to the event.


Please note that this will also apply to any colleagues who may be attending. If you have shared information about the event with colleagues please also ask them to register their attendance if they are not registering for the SSIEM Symposium.


If you are registered to attend the SSIEM symposium you do not need a letter of invitation to attend the ERNDIM workshop and do not need to complete this form.


Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the meeting will be available to view live online. A link for this will be provided on the ERNDIM website prior to 29th August.